Peabody Avenue
The striking 200 meter long Peabody Avenue was built by Peabody in the 1870s and is now a designated Conservation Area. War-time bombing damaged the southern end of the avenue, leaving it disjointed and incomplete. It remained in this condition when Haworth Tompkins were invited to develop proposals to address this problem. Through a lengthy process of consultation with local residents, neighbours, planners and local stakeholders, Haworth Tompkins succeeded in gathering widespread support for 55 new flats on this part of the estate.

“The Haworth Tompkins extension to the avenue is an essay in durability.”

Kieran Long, Evening Standard
The new the five storey, L-shaped block provides a termination and focal point for the Avenue and includes a new southern gateway to the estate in the form of a wide, double height opening which provides a defined threshold whilst maintaining long views down the Avenue from this approach.

The qualities of the existing buildings are the reference point for the choice of materials and details; masonry facades with warm, yellow stock bricks and paler details to match the existing walls, and a simple arrangement of recessed windows to emphasises the solidity of those walls. A simple attic storey, with light scoops to bring daylight into top-floor flats, reinforces the articulation of the existing roofscape.
Contract Details

Peabody Avenue

Address: Pimlico, London
Completion Date: March 2011
Construction Cost: £10.4M
Client: Peabody Trust
Contractor: Mansell Construction Services
Structural Engineer: Price and Myers LLP
Service Engineer: Max Fordham LLP
Landscape Architect: Coe Design Landscape Architecture
Quantity Surveyor: Bristow Johnson & Partners
CDM Coordinator: PFB Construction Management Services

The Westminster Society Biennial Award for Architecture RIBA Award (London)
Housing Design Award (Completed Winner)
New London Award
Housing Design Award (Project Winner)